The right fit COLLABORATIVE Method

How does this process work?

Finding therapeutic help and healing can be daunting for families and individuals, especially when struggling with mental health, chemical or process addictions.  The right fit COLLABORATIVE process mitigates confusion and anxiety by working with a professional who has over a decade of knowledge and expertise in individualized assessment, referral and placement. 

Initial Communication

My intention in our first phone call is to establish trust and to instill confidence that I will provide you with the best guidance toward the level and type of treatment that will meet your needs and fit your time and cost framework. I will share a little about my expertise, experience and education, and how these work together to offer you resources that are aligned with your needs. We will then schedule an assessment.

The communication process continues throughout treatment, as I continue to advocate for appropriate client care, referent and family communication, and collaborative discharge planning with all those who have been a part of the treatment team. People call me when they are desperate. Often, I wish they had called sooner. However, in my personal and professional experience, the desperation is a gift that offers an individual or family the impetus to seek help or do something different. Desperation often opens us to the possibility of help and the willingness to follow direction.


In an assessment, my goal is to identify the right fit for health and healing. That may be a referral to a local therapist or a collaborative therapy group, and may include individual, group, and/or family therapy. Another option might be an individualized intensive treatment by a vetted therapist, or a short-term intensive that reoccurs regularly in different locations throughout the country.

Together we will discuss:

1. What is the presenting problem? This question lets me know why you are calling today. Perhaps the frustration of unresolved issues, the exacerbation of symptoms, the elevation of presenting psychological or addiction issues, or the chaos of life stressors have become unmanageable.

2. At what point in your life did these issues begin? Without beginning therapy on the phone, we identify childhood or adult experiences that may have seemed unrelated, that caused attachment wounds or trauma. Often psychological issues or addictive thinking and behavior show up as a response to life stressors; they may be protective or self-medicating strategies of survival. The person is in pain and the type of treatment I recommend will address these underlying issues and narrow the treatment options.

3. I ask questions about logistics. Having a conversation like this can truly be the first step of healing because the individual or family member is admitting to and recognizing the efforts they have expended to cope with the yet-unresolved issues. Additionally, the empathic professional witnessing and affirming that admission often serves as a catalyst to hope and change.

Referral Options

After our initial assessment, I will offer a couple of referral options. These are selected for you based on the focus of the treatment they provide, the clinical excellence of their programming, the caliber of staff, the overall business practices, and client experience. Having worked in the treatment industry in clinical outreach for almost 20 years, preceded by thirteen years as a university professor, I have identified several benchmarks of excellence, which include:

  • Communication consent
  • Follow-through on commitments
  • Setting of appropriate expectations
  • Management of logistics (financial contract, flights, transport)
  • Referent and family reports
  • Effectiveness of treatment

My goal is to build a collaborative community of trusted professionals who can assist in creating a treatment team to address a person’s core issues and offer a healing experience that leads to a transformation from surviving to thriving.

Reach Out Now

Please call me, Sherry Young, PhD, CSAT, to begin the process. right fit COLLABORATIVE represents clinically excellent residential treatment and supportive living resources as well as short term intensive treatment modalities that fit the needs of individuals. Some of these work with out-of-network insurance coverage, which means in most cases, possible reimbursement by insurance providers.